Poker Sponsorship Offer

Poker Sponsorship Offer
CelebPoker is offering YOU the chance to become one of our Poker Pros and win BIG money, by representing us as part of Team CelebPoker in a prestigious high-stakes European poker tournament held in the beautiful city of San Remo, Italy.

Poker’s frequently asked questions on Google
Remember that time you four-bet pre-flop with aces, flopped your set, and got your opponent to get it all in? Remember when he shoved his chips in and then asked, “Do you have the ace?” You probably thought, “What is this guy doing playing poker?” We sometimes think the same thing about the search referrals we get here on the Up For Poker Blog. Here are just a few recent questions that Google has thrown our way. Q. Who is the High Stakes Poker guy who looks like Jabba the Hutt? A. We here at Up For Poker are huge fans of both the Star Wars series and High Stakes Poker. So, when we saw this question come in, we wondered if we had missed a few episodes of HSP. After looking at the cast list from the past several seasons, we narrowed it down to two possibilities. The first is David Benyamine, for obvious reasons. The second is Doyle Brunson. Either way, that’s just mean, and we’d dare whoever asked the question to call either of the above players Jabba to his face. And either way, if you’re hoping to play poker and you don’t know Brunson or Benyamine, you’d best stick to watching Return of the Jedi and pleasuring yourself to your Princess Leia action figure. Q. Is an UTG limp raise always the nuts? Yes. We polled every poker player in three countries. The results were staggering. No player in our millions of respondents has ever limp re-raised under the gun with anything other than the nuts. Every player indicated it would be irresponsible to play a hand in such a way that it led others to believe he might have aces instead when he actually held kings, queens, or 9c-7c. We suggest that if you are ever limp re-raised by a player under the gun, fold your kings immediately. You are behind and will never catch up. Q. (From Sweden) How does WSOP poker works? A. This is a tricky question and one not taken lightly. It assumes that WSOP poker (translated World Series of Poker poker) actually works. We are not ready to make that assumption. If we did, we might answer that the World Series of Poker poker takes a decades old tradition of poker mastery and devalues it by creating dozens of events that award dozens of bracelets and charges millions of dollars in juice to play tournaments with dubious structures. Of course, we wouldn’t ever actually say that. We’re just saying, if we made an assumption, we might think about saying something like that. In the meantime, if you’re reading from Sweden, we like your women. How much for them? Q. Suppose that you have played F five times but you don’t yet know your wins and losses. Would you play the gamble a sixth time? A. You just blew our mind, sir. We love you as a reader. We’d love for you to stay. However, we think you’d be better suited reading the “Handbook of the economics of finance” by George M. Constantinides, Milton Harris, RenĂ© M. Stulz. But to answer your question, we’ve played F several times. We’ve got a lot of experience in the world of F. We may not yet know our wins and losses, but you give us a sixth shot at F and we’ll take it every day of the week. Twice on Sunday, in fact. Would we gamble a sixth time? Silly question. Q. Are cops allowed to bust poker games? A. That all depends on where you live. If you live where we do, cops are allowed to bust poker games, take all the money, take all the cards, take all the chips, rummage through your house, make eyes at your girlfriend, and use your bathroom without flushing. You probably won’t ever be officially prosecuted, but you’ll sort of wish you had been. A real prosecution makes it feel less like a shakedown. Just sayin’. Q. Why is poker bad? A. Poker is not inherently bad. It’s naughty sometimes. Sometimes it’s downright dirty, nasty, naughty little poker. It’s not bad, though. Look at it this way: if poker was good all the time, you’d sit around wondering if you should’ve taken your shot at the game with the tattoos, nipple rings, and questionable grasp on hygiene. Trust us on this one.

CelebPoker Player Story
An IT salesman who became a professional poker play after losing his job has won almost £100,000 in just three months and is now heading to one of the world’s most prestigious tournaments, courtesy of CelebPoker.